Six reasons to LOVE braces – and your retainer!

Adult braces are now more popular than ever – let’s face it, who doesn’t want beautiful, straight white teeth?
And, what were once considered uncomfortable or uncool are now very much en vogue.
There are plenty of reasons why braces are one of the best things we can invest in to improve our appearance as well as our health – but here are just six of them…

1. Celebrities love them

Everyone dreams of having a classic Hollywood smile– and now we can all achieve that celeb look. With the help of Cfast braces, we can be on our way to a perfect look in as little as four months! Check out Holly Willoughby’s photo-ready smile and see how she’s benefitted from Cfast braces!

2. They’re affordable!

Up until fairly recently, adult braces were limited to those of us with a heftier pay packet. But now, thanks to the more affordable Cfast treatment, we can be on our way to the perfect smile at a price that suits every

3. Nobody needs know you’re wearing them

Cfast uses wires and brackets that are tooth coloured – so almost invisible! They’re also minimally invasive, meaning they have little impact on ours mouths while undergoing treatment. Cfast uses nickel-titanium wires that only put gentle pressure on the brackets to align the teeth, so they are more comfortable than other braces. And, because they are non-invasive, we can be rest assured that there will be no damage to our teeth – the braces simply work with what we’ve got.

4. They can make you healthier

Believe it or not, braces mean we’re more likely to stay on the straight (no pun intended) and narrow when it comes to our oral hygiene. We will probably make more conscious choices when it comes to our diet – far less likely to indulge those sugary treats – and we will want to ensure our pearly whites are kept in the best possible condition. Once treatment is over, keeping our mouth healthy will be far simpler, too – there’ll be no more awkward crevices or gaps between our teeth for food debris to linger!

5. They are only temporary

With Cfast, we can expect to have perfect, straight teeth in as little as four to six months, meaning you won’t have to wait long to be able to smile like a star! As Cfast doesn’t claim to address major orthodontic issues, treatment can be carried out very quickly so it is much quicker and a lot more affordable than any other orthodontic options.

6. It’s our favourite beauty accessory!

The British Orthodontic Society now recommends we should wear retainers for life to ensure our teeth stay as straight as possible for as long as possible – therefore, it should be our most-loved beauty accessory.

The Cfast SOLID dual retainer is the world’s only invisible dual retainer system that guarantees zero tooth movement.

There are plenty of other reasons why we should love your braces but the fact that they’re quick, comfortable and affordable makes them incredibly appealing! So, what are you waiting for?….

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Popcorn, crusty bread and other ways to ensure healthy straight teeth forever

According to recent research, 70% of us who had braces over a one or two year period are back in the dentist’s chair 10 years or more later needing more work.

Often this is because we ditched the retainer we were supposed to wear to keep the teeth in line.

Now, the recommendation is that retention is for life – and Cfast is so keen for you to keep your new, straight smiles that we have developed the SOLID Retainer System – or Single-visit Orthodontic Lingual and Invisible Dual Retainer System.

By combining an invisible fixed-lingual retainer WITH a removable acrylic retainer we have developed a dual retention system for more security in limiting the potential of orthodontic relapse.

But what of those who are about to embark on our adult orthodontics journey. Now you have your Cfast braces fitted, what else can we do to ensure a healthy smile for life?

Unfortunately, while undergoing your cosmetic tooth-straightening treatment, you will notice that there are a lot more places for food debris to hide.

Braces create small ledges, nooks, and corners for food to collect, which can lead to cavities and gum problems. This makes brushing and cleaning between your teeth even more important while you’re wearing – and may restrict your diet a little, too.

YouTube beauty blogger Jessica Kellgren-Fozard has just completed her Cfast treatment.

She says: ‘For the first week, I could only eat mushy foods. However, if I eat a curry dish, I need to clean my teeth immediately afterwards to prevent them from going yellow – I learnt this lesson from my wife (a dentist) making the mistake and turning hers bright yellow.’

Although some people are able to eat or drink almost anything while in braces and have no ill effects, there are certain habits that are well known to break braces and heighten the risk of dental decay.

Sticky foods are an obvious ‘no no’ – so too anything with high sugar content and that goes for fizzy drinks as well.

Plus, avoid:
• Sticky food or sweets of any kind (toffee, caramels, hard-boiled sweets, chocolates etc)
• Hard foods such as crusty bread and crisps
• Fizzy drinks (including diet drinks)
• Chewy food such as caramel
• Popcorn – the husks can become lodged beneath the braces and irritate the gum and dentists say that they have seen an increase in the number of us turning up at their surgery with broken teeth, thanks to hidden and unpopped kernels. Think what it can do to your Cfast brace!
• Seeds in the shell (sunflower and pumpkin seeds) and nuts
• Even ‘healthy’ foods such as apples, raw carrots or celery can be damaging
• Ice cubes
• And, although not nutritional, we all do it – do not chew on pencils or fingernails!

The adhesive used for attaching the braces to your teeth cures rapidly initially. You can eat anytime after having the braces fitted, however you may find it beneficial to follow a diet consisting of soft foods for a few days.

The wire on your braces is attached by small rubber O-rings, which will discolour if you eat or drink dark foods such as curries, tomato-based sauces, black coffee, red wine etc.

However, these are usually changed at each review appointment. Be wary not to brush too hard as this may remove the tooth-coloured coating on the wires.

To get a taste of what it’s like to wear Cfast braces, have at look at Jessica’s blog over on YouTube –

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Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan gets her retainer flown to Dubai

Corrie’s Helen Flanagan has a dazzling new smile thanks to Cfast braces, the discreet cosmetic teeth-straightening system.

And so anxious was she to keep it that this week the actress called on her mum to send over her retainers to Dubai where she was holidaying.

The Coronation Street beauty was on a luxury family holiday with daughter Matilda and football ace, boyfriend Scott Sinclair.

She was devastated to learn she’d left he retainers back at home – and messaged Dentistry on the Square via social media, sharing a photo of her with her DHL package, saying: ‘When your mum sends out your retainer to Dubai’ – with a picture of her smiling AND showing her teeth, something she used to hate she’d previously told fans on Instagram.

Cfast’s lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth so that nobody needs to know when someone is having their teeth straightened.

The 26 year old once said: ‘I never smile showing my teeth! My teeth used to be perfectly straight until my retainer broke and before I realised they had moved too much. ‘

Dr Mark Skimming, dentist at Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow where Helen sought treatment, says: ‘Helen has received her Cfast treatment by my associate Jamie Kinnell. She opted for lingual as she is on TV with Coronation Street and couldn’t have anything visible at all.

With clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Cfast is hugely popular and barely noticeable – and, even better, worn for a lot less time compared to ‘train tracks’.

The system is designed to addresses irregularities of the front six teeth that show when we smile.

It uses special nickel-titanium wires, which exert gentle pressure to force movement in the teeth, without the ‘ouch’ factor patients hate.

But be warned – without wearing those all-essential retainers, your hard-earned teeth-straightening treatment WILL fail and Helen was right to panic!

When you have your consultation with your Cfast dentist, he or she will discuss retention before treatment begins – and this is usually a lifelong commitment from you.

Retention is the most important part of the whole Cfast process and very often one of the main reasons people need braces as adults is because they failed to wear their retainers when they were younger – like Helen.

Tom Sealey is a Cfast dentist and invented the SOLID retainer – or Single-visit Orthodontic Lingual and Invisible Dual Retention System.

Where possible, it is recommended your dentist offer both a fixed AND removable retention.

And, happily, with the SOLID, you have both types of retention – invisible-fixed and two removable retainers – from one product and from only one impression.

The system allows a dentist to place a strong retainer on the back of the teeth, which keeps them perfectly straight, as well as being invisible and perfectly smooth for the patient.

Cfast exclusively provides this to all their dentists and patients. This means that we can ensure that everybody whose teeth are straightened by Cfast can keep them perfectly straight for many years to come!

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Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan embraces Cfast to crack the perfect smile

Helen Flanagan is the latest in a long line of celebs to choose Cfast braces, the discreet cosmetic teeth-straightening system.

The actress shared a picture on Instagram recently of her smiling AND showing her teeth – something she had never done in the past.

In the selfie that she uploaded – which got 4,373 likes – the crooked teeth can be seen.

Cunningly, Cfast’s lingual braces are hidden behind the teeth so that nobody needs to know when someone is having their teeth straightened.

The 26 year old wrote: ‘I never smile showing my teeth! My teeth used to be perfectly straight until my retainer broke and before I realised they had moved too much.

‘Had my brace put on today at the back of my teeth and I can’t wait to have my straight teeth back.’

Dr Mark Skimming, dentist at Dentistry on the Square in Glasgow where Helen sought treatment, says:

‘Helen has received her Cfast treatment by my associate Jamie Kinnell.

‘She opted for lingual as she is on TV with Coronation Street and couldn’t have anything visible at all.

‘Her treatment will take around 16 weeks and then she will have fixed and removable retainers. She was a retreat from orthodontics as a kid – and she never showed her teeth when she smiled. That was obviously an issue being a glamour model.’

He adds: ‘These cases are really straightforward with lingual braces as movement tends to be restricted to upper 2-2 and treatment times are so fast, that patients love it.’

With clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires, Cfast is hugely popular and barely noticeable – and, even better, worn for a lot less time compared to ‘train tracks’.

Cfast is speedy because it addresses irregularities on the social six – those front teeth that show when we smile.

The process is further enhanced with the use of special nickel-titanium wires, which exert gentle pressure to force movement in the teeth, without the ‘ouch’ factor patients hate.

When it comes to wearing fixed braces, it is important to be aware of our oral hygiene.

You are more likely to have accumulation of food debris around brackets and will be more prone to gingivitis and halitosis as well as staining with certain highly coloured food, such as curries.

Remember, it is the invisible plaque that causes the trouble and not food that you can see in your braces.

It may be in your best interest to see a hygienist every three months to help maintain optimal oral health. In fact, for those of us embarking on any orthodontic treatment, we should probably consider having a hygiene session prior to a brace being fitted.

Another good tip is to carry out a cleaning regime following meals and in the evenings.

Use interdental aids for cleaning between the teeth as well as cleaning between the wire and brackets before brushing and consider using an alcohol-free fluoride mouthwash alongside the use of an electric or manual toothbrush – with care.

And when it comes to snacking between meals, avoid any food that contains sugar (natural or added).

Avoid hard foods (or proceed with caution to avoid breakages of wires) and do not poke pens, pencils or fingernails between the braces.

With orthodontics, gentle brushing is more important than ever – something Helen Flanagan will need to learn!

According to reports a few years back, the actress was once warned against her obsessive tooth-brushing habit.

The smoker claims she was brushing them anything up to 10 times a day, taking her brush wherever she went.

She tweeted at the time: ‘…because I’m obsessed with brushing my teeth, it’s made them too sensitive as I’ve attacked my enamel.’

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A beauty blogger’s new smile made with Cfast – and a little love

When TV presenter and producer Jessica Kellgren-Hayes wanted to get her teeth straightened, she turned to her wife.

The 28-year-old deaf beauty blogger and YouTuber wished to fix her crooked front teeth, but it was the desire to help her other half, Claudia – a dentist – that also drew her to Cfast.

She says: ‘The first reason I had my teeth straightened is because I have a very minor overlap – but the second one is so my dentist wife could practise putting braces on people.’

Jessica, who lives in Brighton, had her Cfast invisible brace fitted in January by Claudia, who practises at Ball Tree Dental Care in Lancing, West Sussex.

Although she had traditional metal ‘train tracks’ to align her teeth when she was 14, Jessica began to notice an overlap in her front teeth as she got older, which meant she occasionally caught her lip.

On seeing the impressive results of Claudia’s new smile two years ago – also thanks to Cfast – Jessica eventually decided to do the same, joining an increasing number of adults seeking fast and affordable aesthetic solutions to their crooked smiles.

Cfast is a popular option because it’s not just quick, it’s also minimally invasive. The braces are designed to address the ‘social six’ – or the front teeth that influenced a smile – in as little as four months.

And, although Cfast braces took a bit of getting used to in the first week, Jessica quickly settled in to a routine – and learnt the dos and don’ts.

‘I think I had a lisp for the first month, but it wasn’t noticeable for people who haven’t meet me before,’ she says.

‘For the first week, I could only eat mushy foods. However, if I eat a curry dish, I need to clean my teeth immediately afterwards to prevent them from going yellow – I learnt this lesson from my wife making the mistake and turning hers bright yellow.’

With such a big (and fun!) online presence – Jessica has a YouTube channel, blog and Instagram – the final results are sure to make an impact– the final results are sure to make an impact.

‘So far I can confirm my teeth have moved and gotten straight after the first month. Also, they are really almost invisible,’ she says.

‘I didn’t tell my closest friends the date I was going to get them in order to see if they would notice the braces… quite a few of them didn’t.’

Jessica believes that with determination and commitment, orthodontic treatment is doable for anyone wishing to straighten their teeth and boost confidence in their smile.

She says: ‘One of my aunts got braces in her 40s. It is never too late, so long as you are willing to accept that it is going to be painful for the first weeks and you need to commit to taking good care of them. Having a good cleaning routine is very important.’

Jessica has already vlogged about her Cfast journey – and has highlighted some top tips to those considering treatment.

Eating mushy foods, brushing your pegs as soon as you have eaten and putting wax on the sore bits can all help to make your Cfast journey a little bit more comfortable.

To find out more and watch Jessica’s journey with braces, go to her YouTube channel where she will be posting more video updates.

As she says: ‘Oh dear lord, I’ve got braces! Here’s all you need to now about my first week of wearing adult braces.’

• You can follow Jessica’s progress here
• You can follow Jessica on Twitter here @JessicaOOTC
• Her Instagram account is jessicaoutofthecloset

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‘This is the dream I never thought would come true’ – how Irma achieved her perfect smile

It was a change in career that led Irma Mokercova to realising her dream of fixing a smile left crooked by her teenage dismissal of what she calls ‘painful and uncomfortable’ braces.
Joining Crown House Dental Practice in Egham in Surrey to train as a dental nurse, she very quickly learnt that not all orthodontic treatment was expensive, painful and lengthy.

She had given up all hope of remedying her smile until a chance conversation with dentist xxxxx enlightened her that there was a solution – Cfast, the cosmetic teeth-straightening system that’s discreet, pain free and affordable. With cost a factor in her decision, this was important – as was the fact that the treatment promises to straighten the ‘social six’ teeth – or to out it simply, the front teeth that show when we smile.

Irma had suffered with confidence issues for many years – and it even affected her ability to chat happily with other people. It meant she was reluctant to show her teeth; in photographs, she would hide behind her hands.

Irma explains: ‘As I began to care about the way I look, I understood that a smile has an important part to play in the overall appearance of your face. I grew very conscious about my smile and it became my biggest complex.

‘I have no pictures where I am smiling, I use to cover my mouth when I talked with people, simply because I thought that my teeth were SO visible and made me ugly.’

Like many of us, as a teenager, Irma embarked on orthodontic treatment and was given removable braces, but confesses: ‘At that time, I did not understood how important straightening my teeth was going to be for me in the future. I did not wear them because it was painful and very uncomfortable. Today, I am looking back and I hate myself for being so impatient and blame myself for not taking the opportunity when I had the chance.’

Straight teeth became her dream, believing that a dazzling, aligned smile would make me so much more confident and happier’ – it was a desire she craved for a very long time.

‘I always had the option to consider treatment again but I did not think about it too seriously because it is time consuming and adult braces can be expensive. I had other priorities in my life which seemed much more important than my straight teeth.’

But this changed when she joined Dr Ahmad Sami at his dental practice where he offers Cfast for those of us in similar situations to Irma.
And it was a chance conversation with one such patient that got Irma thinking.

She says: ‘When I started to work in dental practice, my life changed. I suddenly realised there are other ways to straighten the teeth without taking two years to complete treatment.
‘Dr Sami was discussing the option of having Cfast braces with a patient. He gave her all the information she needed, but I felt like he was talking to me and, as soon as patient left, I asked him: “Is Cfast possible for me?”. He looked at me and said “No doubt!” and he was very kind to encourage me to go for it. He even gave me an easy payment option – the practice is very flexible and does everything to suit every patient.’

Having had the consultation, Irma began her treatment, which will hopefully take les than six months to complete. She’s over the moon with and already seeing improvements.

She says she would recommend Cfast to anyone looking to boost their confidence with straighter teeth and an improved smile.

She says: ‘I was very surprised not to experience any pain! In the first week, it was a little unpleasant to clean my anterior teeth with an electric toothbrush, as it was little sensitive, but that’s passed and I am now a pain-free braces wearer!’

And, is there anything she has had to sacrifice in her bid to regain her self-esteem?

Irma jokes: ‘I love nuts and popcorn and obviously have to avoid them. This is was my “biggest” disappointment, because it was hard to imagine going without when watching a movie! I solved that problem very quickly by replacing popcorn with berries and cheese snacks. It is much healthier and better for me! But, other than that, my diet is unchanged and I haven’t experienced any other difficulties wearing Cfast braces.’

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Putting the Heart back into a radio presenter’s smile – how teeth straightening brought a man to tears

Essex dentist Thomas Sealey at Start Smiling Dental reveals how he changed the life of Heart FM’s breakfast show presenter Martin Day with the cosmetic teeth-straightening treatment, Cfast

One of my first cases was to straighten the teeth of one of Heart FM’s radio presenter Martin Day. He’s been hosting the station’s breakfast show at Heart Essex for about the last million years!

It was him sharing with me how his Cfast treatment completely changed his life so dramatically and how his new smile encouraged a new found level of confidence that led me to get more involved with Cfast.

I wanted to offer this treatment to as many of my patients as possible to help them access this same amazing journey.

Martin Day writes
At 50 years of age and petrified with dentistry – putting off way too many check-ups and enduring what I now know was unnecessary pain and discomfort – I happened upon Dr Tom Sealey.
‘Never before have I felt so at ease with anybody in a “white coat” with the exception of those attractive girls in the perfume counter in Debenhams – but you know what I mean.

I have since undertaken under his guidance, Fillings, root canals, extraction and, more recently, dental alignment and a full smile makeover.

I’m a radio presenter so it was with trepidation that I considered the possibility of major work in the area from which I make my living. After a very detailed and unrushed consultation (allowing me plenty of time to have all queries and concerns answered), we discussed the various options that were available with a full explanation of the pros and cons of each and every treatment.

I had no doubt whatsoever that all available treatments were available to me and that, whatever route I chose, I was in the very best hands – a feeling that put me at such ease people who knew of my fear of dentistry (which really was immense) found astonishing. In their words, “I’d been hypnotised” to be as confident as I honestly felt.

The team at Start Smiling – from reception, to Rhonda, Dr Tom’s exceptionally capable, soft spoken assistant, made me feel I really was valued and that I would be guided every step, with reassurance from the very beginning through to what I hoped would be anything like as good as the portfolio of previous happy clients.

I’m not an emotional man but truly shed a tear when after just months of Cfast braces, whitening and bonding, I had the smile I wish I’d had many years previous.

I now smile in family photos as opposed to the hard look I had adopted, appearing to never look like I enjoyed the many happy moments spent with my family.

As a successful radio presenter, it is not uncommon for me to be approached at what I’m pleased to say is a regular occurrence for a “selfie” which I have never been happier to now willingly take part in, previously I was embarrassed if I’m honest.

My life has been turned around, I cannot recommend highly enough the professionalism with which Dr Tom and his team handled my treatment.

I was informed, guided and valued and taken on a journey that has changed my perception of dentistry. I have never had such a U-turn in any profession – Dr Tom and his team are a credit to the industry and I cannot recommend them highly enough to anybody who will listen.

I will smile for many years – not just at the results but because the experience has given me confidence to tackle other tasks in life I didn’t think I could handle – and will do so smiling!

Cfast website

Start Smiling Dental

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Why is Cfast cosmetic teeth-straightening treatment perfect for me?

Why is Cfast cosmetic teeth-straightening treatment perfect for me?

Dentist Tom Owen, of Wish Dental, offers an expert view of this minimally invasive afford teeth-straightening treatment…

Cfast is suited to a wide range of patients. Men and woman of all ages have benefited from the treatment and they are always so happy and wish they done it sooner.

I particularly find it useful for patients who have had braces as a child and they have relapsed. Changing the smile of people who missed treatment or chose not to have it can also be very rewarding. Like Nick Marsh, for instance…

For Nick, from Alderley Edge in Cheshire, who’d never had braces as a child and was now in his 20s, he could see the benefits of a straight, white smile.

He opted for Cfast – it stands for Cosmetically Focused Adult Straight Teeth – because he was fed up with the fact that his smile was letting him down.

He says: ‘My teeth just weren’t straight at all and were the only cause of me being self-conscious, which meant I never smiled for photos.’

‘My previous expectation kept me away from getting braces, which would have meant a year of wearing what would have been very visible – plus, I would have needed teeth out. I had been toying with the idea for several years and had actually been for a consultation before but the idea of having teeth extracted put me off the idea.

‘After learning that Cfast would straighten my teeth in under six months, be barely visible and there would be no need to have my teeth removed, it was a bit of a “no brainer”.’

Once I have finished a course of Cfast treatment, all my patients smile from ear to ear. It’s often tricky to get a big smile before treatment but afterwards – you can’t stop them! Nicks treatment took just three months to complete.

If you cover your smile with your hand, or close your mouth in photos then these are signs that there isn’t something quite right with your smile.

But be aware that you must have a healthy mouth first. Cfast is then just simple, cosmetic movement.
I always explain that I am not an orthodontist and that we work closely with a consultant orthodontist for the more complex cases. During a consultation with your cosmetic dentist, you should be a,de aware of all the options available to you.

Cfast is a popular option because it’s not just quick, it’s also minimally invasive. Often another route to straight teeth may be having some enamel removed from the front surface of your teeth for veneers.

With braces, we can utilise your own teeth, achieving the perfect smile whilst keeping the drill in the drawer! Sometimes, though, veneers are the only or preferred choice.

Once your Cfast brace has been fitted, it usually requires a check up every four weeks but we encourage people to come as often as they like if they are worried.

I’ve seen a massive rise in the number of adults seeking teeth-straightening treatments. The more it becomes acceptable to walk around with braces, the bigger the uptake. It has become a massive part of my working day and it is very satisfying.

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What are the signs that I may need braces?

What are the signs that I may need braces?

The desire for straight teeth grows ever popular – according to a survey conducted by the Journal of Clinical Orthodontics in 2013, adults made up 23% of all orthodontic patients, compared with 10% 15 years earlier.

This increasing popularity for teeth-straightening treatments is based on varied and numerous reasons – not least of which is the need for a confidence boost, especially for those of us who have suffered with a crooked smile for too long.

Teeth can move, or drift, as we get older and an overcrowded mouth can be awkward to clean. You may have had teeth-straightening treatment as a child or in your teens and, having given up on wearing your retainers years ago, your teeth have moved, or relapsed, into that misaligned smile that your traditional braces – and orthodontist – worked so hard to straighten! Dentists commonly refer to those of us now seeking braces in adult life, having ditched our retainers at the earliest possible moment, as ‘re-treats’ – second-time around brace wearers all regretting that we were at an age when we thought we knew better. We didn’t…

A survey recently revealed that 54% of women feel so self-conscious about their teeth that are considering braces or whitening treatments.

And, for those of us who have reached an age where we are beyond feeling comfortable wearing traditional fixed braces – or ‘train tracks’ as they are affectionately known – today’s more aesthetically acceptable options, such as clear brackets, removable aligners or near invisible braces placed behind the teeth (lingual braces), offer a happy solution.

For women aged 25 to 34 years old, these teeth straightening treatments are booming in the popularity stakes, especially as they can be quick, discreet and increasingly affordable.

But orthodontics isn’t just having a great smile – whilst straight teeth can make a difference to your appearance, they can also improve your bite and your overall oral health.

So, aside from a passion to perfect a smile, what other reasons might there to have braces?

Well, for some adults, gum problems and shrinkage can cause teeth to become loose and move. Also, bad breath can also indicate a need to straighten a smile because wonky teeth or an overcrowded mouth can prove tricky to clean – even for the most fastidious of us. With nearly 45% of people having a degree of crowding, this is the most common reason for adults to embark on treatment. In some cases, extractions are necessary to create space to align the teeth.

Closing spaces in a gappy smile – often left this way because teeth are small or adult teeth don’t come through – is another reason, or you simply might need teeth moved to actually create a gap for a dental implant to be fitted.

If teeth protrude, it may be a good idea to have a brace to pull them in from in front of the lips – sticky out teeth run the risk of damage should you have a fall, an accident or a sports injury.

If your upper and lower teeth are not meeting at the front, this may causes discomfort or difficulty when eating or damage can occur if your upper teeth close too far over the lower teeth. The lower teeth biting into the back of the upper teeth may lead to wear and potentially damage to the gums, which may need repair, and a crossbite can wear away the tips of teeth if they clash awkwardly.

Ideally, your front teeth should cover around 30% of your lower teeth, with the upper teeth sitting 2-3mm in front of the lowers. Additionally, the central point of the upper and lower teeth should form a vertical line and you should feel your back teeth interlock in a comfortable bite.

Whatever the reason for seeking a solution to a misaligned smile, one thing is for certain, whatever teeth-straightening option you choose, braces can make a huge difference to our happiness, our confidence and our wellbeing.

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Amy Burns: Meet Amy – she’s marrying the man who is (literally) making her smile

A woman who organises weddings for a living is getting hitched to the love of her life who is making her smile – quite literally!

Amy Burns is tying the knot with Michael Hughes, a dental technician, who has created the dental braces that will give her the new smile of her dreams – just in time for their wedding in Spain next June.

The 32-year-old operations director, who runs The Granary Estates, a beautiful wedding and events venue in Cambridgeshire, was inspired by celebrity Holly Willoughby whose dazzling smile is the result of having her teeth aligned by Cfast, the cosmetic teeth-straightening treatment.

Amy explains: ‘I had “train tracks” fitted when I was a child and, if I was given retainers, I certainly never wore them, so my teeth have relapsed into their misaligned position.

‘I always hated my teeth and was bullied at school because of an unsightly gap. Even though I am a confident person, I’ve never felt positive about my smile – and I think, at times, it’s held me back.

‘Throughout my career in the events industry, I’ve have to do a lot of public speaking and I’ve learned how to hide my mouth behind the lectern or microphone. In this era of selfies, I also know all the positions to turn my head so I can hide my teeth – and, failing that, there’s always filters!’

But, when it came to her own nuptials, Amy was determined to ditch these clever tactics and fix the smile she disliked so much – once and for all cheap cialis generic online. The bride-to-be says: ‘When Michael and I got engaged, I began to panic about our wedding day; it was all very well smiling for the official photographer, but these days everyone has a camera on their smartphone. I didn’t want to spend my wedding day hiding my smile behind a champagne flute.

And working in the wedding industry, Amy knows only too well about every girl’s desire for a dream wedding. She says: ‘Everyone wants perfection on their big day – we all want to have better skin, lose weight and so on, and a fantastic smile is part of that. If we have any securities about the way we look, we will do our best to improve them, especially for the day we get married.’

And luckily, Amy had the perfect solution to hand – her 33-year-old fiancé, Michael, whose family run Triple-O dental laboratory that make the aligners for Cfast.

Now Michael has created the braces, Amy’s had them fitted by Tom Sealey from Start-Smiling in Essex – the dentist behind Cfast’s amazing invisible dual retainers that she’ll wear to keep her perfect smile in place once the aligners are off.

The plan is to have the treatment over within four to five months, which will then be followed up by teeth whitening.

And her verdict on Cfast so far? She says: ‘Apart from some mild discomfort and being told to avoid crusty bread (a good thing for that pre-wedding diet), Cfast has been amazing!

‘I’m so excited to see the changes as they happen. I feel more confident already!
You can follow Amy’s journey to her new, straight smile here – right up until her wedding day next year – here and at

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